Renovation of the old state airport Butzweiler Hof. The listed building consists of a reception building, a garage building, two hangars and a runway made of concrete slabs. The civil airport Cologne with its reception building was finally completed in 1935, the main building with the reception and check-in hall was designed and realised in the modern style of the "new building", the Butzweiler Hof was the second largest German civil airport after Berlin Tempelhof in the 1930s. Complemented by new single-storey structures with black flat roofs and an aluminium-coloured structure of the hotel, the complex presents itself as the Motorworld Rheinland.

GFA 30,000 m² - 2014-2018
Employees: Luis Traesel, Weisheng Fang, Bojana Bojanic, Stefan Mattes, Peter Merk
Photos: HG Esch

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