CIP means consulting and integral planning and stands for a strong bond between the heart and pragmatism – between architecture and engineering.

We are one

As architects and general planners, we create added value for our customers. With empathy and international experience, we thereby form small and large projects upon which often high expectations – and sometimes also the whole world of our client – are placed.

read more C-I-P was founded by Stefan Boettle in the year 2000. Projects are realized nationally and internationally.

We think architecture and construction holistically. We succeed in this through the combination of architecture and structural design with our partners to realize the technical aspects. The architecture is derived from the characteristics of the location, the influence of the local culture, as well as the wishes of the building owner. The ideas for our designs are drawn from this basis.

To uphold the balance of forces and reduce mass without losing sight of the esthetics – those are the demands on structural design. Thinking in terms of lean dimensions and optimizinig processes determines the balanced result of the structural design. Architecture arises in dialog and develops step by step according to the demands on the building, the statics, as well as the technology.